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  With light there is beauty.  With color there is magic.

   I strive to create a magical beauty for the soul

 Born in New Orleans, LA

 Lives & works on the Northshore area & in New Orleans

 Previous biz names: Katharines Photography & Katharine Scrantom Studios 


After falling in love with photography at a young age, I would shoot anything and eveything, mostly in black & white.  Black & white images are pure and intellectual.  Black & white has a depth that cannot be matched. However, as time has swept by, I tend to see the colors that surround me differently. They dance in my head in the most unlikely places...... in a tiny section of a wine glass or in the light that dances on a river.  Sometimes there are images to create from tree branches, or patterns on moss, or even the ceiling of a building as light pours through the open spaces.

Life is magical and beautiful, but even when it takes us to

the depths of hell & pain, there is light and color

to uplift our souls. 

                                  It is light that touches my soul.  

                              It is color that brings back my magic.

                       CV / Resume


* McGehee School, New Orleans, LA

* Bachelor of Fine Arts- Photographic Design, University of Georgia

* Rockport School of Photography- Digital & Advanced Studio Lighting Techniques, Rockport, Maine 

* Master of Arts in Teaching- Elementary  Education K-6, Univ. of Memphis

Exhibitions & Festivals

* Lamar Dodd Gallery, 1981, Athens, GA

* Carol Robinson Gallery, 1981, New Orleans, LA

* Columbus Art Collection, 1984, Columbus, GA

* Gardner Galleries, 1997, Columbus, GA

* Bishop's Common Gallery, 1997, Sewanee, TN

* Garden District Book Shop, 1998, New Orleans, LA

* St. John's Gallery, 1998, Albuquerque, NM

* Tyler's Gallery, 2003, Germantown, TN  

* Guy Lyman Fine Art, 2016, New Orleans, LA

* Pizzella Fine Art, 2018, Mandeville, LA


Sewanee: Grace Revealed, a book of black & white photographs on the campus of Sewanee, The University of the South, 1998.

*  Beautiful Oak Living, a Beau Chêne magazine, first month Sept 2019-May 2022


* McGehee Distinguished Alum Award for  "Sewanee: Grace Revealed"

* Best Portrait Photographer, Germantown, TN

* Photo Design Teaching Award, Albuquerque, NM

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